février 2, 2020

Monaco Resources expand its Infrastructure and Logistics activities

The infrastructure & logistics division of Monaco Resources is headed by R-Logitech as an international infrastructure and logistics service provider focused primarily on the natural resources sector. The Group’s principal business lines are ports and terminals management, logistics and technology solutions.

abidjan monaco resources group mrg
abidjan monaco resources group mrg

What is your principal activity?

R-Logitech provides a unique network of terminals and services dedicated to the natural resources industry across Europe, Africa and Asia, relying on talented and multi-skilled teams specialised in the natural resources and logistics sector both in developed and emerging markets.

What is R-Logitech Strategy?

R-Logitech’s strategy is to develop and implement innovative technical solutions supporting the global natural resources industry as it evolves.

Do you follow Monaco Resources HSE?

R-Logitech places the Health and Safety of all internal and external stakeholders, as well as the protection of the environment, above any other consideration.

What are your business units?

Our Group is organised into six Business Units that spans Ports & Terminals, Logistics Services, Bulk Handling, Bagging, Airports Terminals, Transportation and Technology.

What are the future perspectives?

Our aim is to create synergies between our different business units offering to our international clients a global offer to meet their needs and to be part of their success.

What are your principal operations?

LOGISTICS SERVICES: R-Logitech develops logistics solutions for the import and export of natural products and raw materials in both established and emerging markets.

FREIGHT FORWARDING: R-Logitech offers fully-integrated supply chain solutions with a broad range of freight-forwarding services including ocean and air freight, barging and road transport for inland.

PORTS & TERMINALS: R-Logitech possesses strong engineering, product knowledge and people management capabilities. We successfully set-up and manage ports and terminals mainly in Europe, Africa & Asia.

WAREHOUSING: R-Logitech provides specialised warehousing services for a large range of goods from the natural industry sector.

TECHNOLOGY: R-Logitech develops innovative technical solutions supporting the logistics needs of our international clients.

AIRPORT TERMINALS: R-Logitech provides terminal management services for International Airports

supervision including management of ground support activities for aircrafts.

TRANSPORTATION: R-Logitech offers efficient and reliable global transportation solutions to importers and exporters of natural products. Our entities can arrange long and short haul transportation of goods by sea, road and rail.

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