Côte d’ivoire : Abidjan capitale de la Modernité


the economy of ivory  coast is stable and currency growing, IVORY COAST  is the largest market-based and depends heavily on the agricultural sector. Almost 65% of the ivorian people  are engaged/depends on agricultural activities.  GDP PER CAPITA grew between 75 and 80% for decades ago.reaching a peak growth of successful. But, this proved unsustainable and shrank by 29%and further 20% within a short time. This as a result of high rate of population growth steady fall living standards.

abidjan monaco resources group MRG
monaco resources group MRG

 However, it was substantially grew  higher two decades back. The IVORIAN ECONOMY.. began a Comeback. Due to the devaluation of the CFA currency and improved prices for coffee, cocoa growth in non- traditional environment and export such as rubber, pineapple further limited trade and banking liberalisation. Mineral discoveries and generous external supporting (FINANCING) and debt rescheduling by bilateral and multilateral currency backing the 50% injection of France zone currency.  Caused one time jump in the inflation rate  to 28%.


 INFRASTRUCTURE:..Abidjan…is the modern city in th west Africa. RAIL LINKS.. in The process of being upgraded both within country and Burkina faso; regular air service within the region and to and from Europe; A real estate development for industrial, commercial,private  and residential use. Ivory coast connection to neighbouring countries make it a preferred centre which Europeans, Americans, Asians and Chinese as well as arabs and Lebanese choose to conduct most of west African business dealings. The city of abidjan is one of the most modern, business friendly and liveable cities in the region.

monaco resources group
monaco resources group

AGRICULTURE…Ivory coast:. is among the world largest Producers and exporters of coffee,cocoa,beans and palm oil. Consequently:..the economy is highly sensitive to fluctuation in international prices for these products and to weather condition. it is still largely dependent on agriculture and related activities.

FORESTRY:.IVORY COAST HAS 3 TYPES OF FOREST.. Coast Rain Forest.. Dedidous Forest and the Secondary Forest of the savanna region. The natural rain Forest constitutes the main forest area. Therefore.. the government acknowledged that the nation’s forest area, which totalled approximately 16 millions  hectares from the independence had dwindled to 4 millions hectares. Due to the lingering political instability since the outbreak of hostilities has contributed to illegal logging and increased deforestation. The government came up with a new incentive to plant more than 25 different  types of woods are utilized commercially.

TOURISM….IVORY COAST.. has made unanimous progress in the tourism, diversifying it’s economy and has steadily expended the facilities offered to visitors and holidaymakers (Tourist). Lodging resorts have been constructed and developed to standard within the coastal areas.

abidjan monaco resources group
monaco resources group
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